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Pink Tower

Pink Tower

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The Pink Tower is a traditional piece of Montessori visual activity within the Sensorial curriculum. This consists of 10 pink wooden cubes ranging from 1 cm cubed to 10 cm cubed, differing in 3 dimensions.

This activity develops visual discrimination and tactile perception of size and which gradually leads to an abstract understanding of the size and subsequent intelligent observation of the size in the surroundings. It helps your little one to develop the ability to concentrate, coordinate movement, and autonomy, as well as understand the perception of succession.

It also prepares your little ones for mathematical concepts in the decimal system, geometry, and volume, indirectly preparing them for the concept of the square root. Ten cubes are available because 10 is the basis of our numeric system.

Recommended age: 30m+ (2.5 years)


**Kindly note that the recommended age mentioned on every item on this website is a guideline. We, at Play by Zayn, believe that children develop at their own pace. We trust that you evaluate the description of the items well and make the right purchase according to your little one’s capabilities. Keep in mind that some items have small parts, most of the items are made of wood and therefore hard, and other items need to be used with a decent amount of physical control and balance.  We always suggest that you supervise your little one during play. If you have any concerns or need further information about this item, kindly contact us before purchase. 

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